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The artwork "Mitsein" is a physical, participatory installation that allows one to experience a state of being separate and coming together in the first-person perspective.
The term Mitsein comes from M. Heidegger. It refers to the existential quality of human beings to share with others and to be in the world.

The installation is large-scale and consists of six identical parts. The sections are separated by wooden walls that come together in the middle to form an open meeting point.
All six walls are: 375cm long and 346cm high, and have a cut-out area in the shape of a door measuring 288cm high x 115cm wide (slightly larger than a normal front door).

The installation will be located in a large open space in a park. The final location has not yet been decided.

People entering the installation will initially experience isolation and separation from the space around them. The further one goes into the installation, the closer the walls get and the space becomes narrower. In the end, in the sharp point of the areas where all the walls have an open door, all the passages converge into an open space, and people who were previously separated can now meet.

The walls are not painted with color, but only with transparent varnish to protect the wood from the weather.
The bare walls fulfill the role of all walls in Berlin: they are available to be written on, sprayed, or painted. Just as the visitors wish.

In these days of personal distance because of the global pandemic, and in a place where separation by walls is known as part of the common and personal history, this installation brings an experience of an additional reflection of these feelings. The harshness, darkness, closeness, and stress in separation, and the light, comfort, openness, and simplicity in a union.

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